Botanic Route



The landscape heritage is enormous and rarely

 enough known and appreciated.

This route, on which have been installed

illustrative information boards as well,

includes the most possible range of treasures

offered by the wild mountain nature.

It leads trough the woods, passes parched lands,

runs along the torrents, which are flowing down

the valley in rocky creeks.

Furthermore along the track you will find

n enormous variety of trees, flowers and herbs.




The surrounding territory

is inhabited by roe deer,

alpine chamois and wild boars.

Over the rock there are gliding buzzards,

hawks and eagles.


So we made this angle of the narrow valley

of Crosa accessible

with some interventions on the

already existing paths

from the village Graziani to Morelli.


It is not an artificial botanic garden,

but a little piece of  territory given back

to its original beauty.