Mills of Crosa


 The presence of mills testified

the autonomous life

of these little villages.


In fact the wheat and rye

cultivated were milled

in place, without coming down

to the plain.


At the beginning of last century,

the parish of Becetto had 900

villagers who lived with

the produtcs of land.


Mills were situaded along

the Crosa torrent,

from which the driving

force derived.


Testimonies show that they were 14 in Becetto and Sampeyre,

but a flood at the beginning of '900 destroyed them.

Only two remain, still visible one that served Becetto and Serre villages

and the other Durandi and Civalleri villages.

Another is visible at Sampeyre at the entrance of town.

It is still possible to see along the torrent the worked millstones,

dragged by the impetus of the waters.