Feast was the moment when all the activities were stopped

and everyone devoted himself just "alla festa" (to the feast).

In Becetto

the most important feasts

 are bound to religious tradition

dedicated to the Virgin Mary,

the 15th August,

Assumption Day

and the 8th September,

Mary's Nativity.


At these ones many others are added,

organized by the Pro Loco


Preparation requires a lot of work,

often obscure and unknown,

but these occasions are moments of fun,

when people esteem the beauty of staying together.







Feast of the Epiphany


During the feast of Epiphany

there is the traditional figure

of an old lady called "Befana".


Once she came down from the bell-tower,

sometimes she arrives at horse or

on the sledge, but always with presents

for the children and gifts for old people.


She tours all the little villages from door to door,

followed by children's dins, while who isn't

interested in fables makes cross-country skiing

or skates on the natural skating-sink.






                       Mountain Bike rally



                                                                                             The second Sunday of June

                                                                                             mountain is in the height of flowering

                                                                                             and it's a sight cycling into meadows

                                                                                             in bloom.











Festival of little village ovens


The first Saturday of August, when in all the villages emigrants' descendents

come back and holiday-makers are gone up from the cities,

ovens open and start to smoke.

In all the little villages good dishes and titbits are prepared.

Every little village is reached, accompanied by the bands

and people arrive at the oven of Peschiero, where everyone dances till at dead of night.


 Feast of Alpine Virgin Mary


The last Saturday of July, everyone goes to the chapel

dedicated to the Virgin mary, visible from Becetto like

a white spot, just under Cima Crosa.

A lot of people go up from the Valle Po too.

It's an feast become a tradition and partecipation

is always numerous with every weather.

The programme expects the Mass, auction and

refreshment of  polenta and sausage, music, songs and dancings.






Cianto Viol


The first edition of this festival was in 1985,

when the co-opeartive "Lu Viol"(the footpath)

started to restore the footpaths.

From different points of the Valle Varaita,

from Rore, Sampeyre, from Gilba and also

fron Sanfront(Valle Po) thousands of persons start

and converge to Becetto, where polenta and

cheese are offered.

For all the day, till late in the evening,

you can hear songs and dancings.



                       Festival of potato



                                                                      This festival is born in order to exploit

                                                                      a produit that the land of Becetto offers with fertility.

                                                                      From a humble fruit a lot of good dishes are made.

                                                                      The slogan of the festival is "potato from the first course to dessert".

                                                                      In fact raviole, potatoes with garlic and croquettes are cooked.